MCC B737 FNPT-II Training

Type Rating --> Boeing B737 Classic or NG

Flight School Berlin provides EASA-certified ground and simulator training for a type rating on the Boeing B 737 300-800.


The ground course for the Boeing B737 300-800 type rating is carried out at the FSB training facilities in Schoenhagen (about 35 km south of Berlin). The simulator training is carried out at Berlin Schoenefeld, Prague or Amsterdam. The choice of the simulators depends on availability.

Theoretical Training:

FNPT-II B737 Flight Simulator of FSB Trainings Center

Ground course (CBT and consultations)
FMC training
CPT training
Upset Prevention Recovery Training (UPRT)
Performance training

Practical Training:

Full flight simulator training
UPRT/Diff. training


Course Duration:

Ground course: 3 weeks
Simulator training 2 to 3 weeks (depending on the size of the course)

Course Dates:

FNPT-II B737 Flight Simulator of FSB Trainings Center

We will do our best to adapt the course to your
personal schedule.

Course Requirements:

Signed training contract
Copy of your passport
Copy of your pilots licence
At least 2 participants are needed to begin a course.

Customized Courses for Airlines:

We will be pleased to adapt the course content to your own procedures and checklists if required.


You can use the training classrooms the whole day. We can help if you need any accommodation.


Please contact us for detailed information about courses, availability and prices.