MCC B737 FNPT-II Training

Crew Training --> Transition

Flight School Berlin provides an enhancement of your Boeing B 737 licence  
  a) for Boeing B 737 Classic, if you already have a Boeing B 737 NG Licence entry or
  b) for Boeing B 737 NG, if you already have a Boeing B 737 Classic Licence entry .
The theoretical and practical training is carried out according your requirements and those of EASA FCL.

For initial type rating training please refer to Type Rating Boeing B 737.


The theoretical training is carried out at the FSB training facilities in Schoenhagen (south of Berlin). The simulator training is carried out at a simulator centre, which offers the right simulator type. It depends on the simulator and instructor availability.

Theoretical Training:

CBT training

Practical Training:

Full flight simulator at least 1 hour
In all cases we prepare an individual training plan.
Please contact us.

Course Duration:

minimum 1 day of theory
Full flight simulator at least 1 hour

Course Begin:

We will do our best to adapt the course to your
personal schedule.

Course Requirements:

In accordance with EASA FCL.720

Customized Courses for Airlines:

We will adapt the course content to your own procedures and checklists if required.


You can use the training class rooms the whole day. We will support you if you need an accommodation.


Please contact us for detailed Information about our Courses , availibility and prices.