MCC B737 FNPT-II Training

APS --> MCC --> Boeing B 737 NG

Flight School Berlin provides APS MCC training for the Boeing B 737 NG.

The Airline Pilot Standard MCC (APS MCC) is an enhanced MCC that trains pilots in multi-crew competencies to airline standards. This course give new pilots all the knowledge and skills necessary to pass an airline assessment.

APS MCC was established upon request of some major airline operators.
These operators ask for specific knowledge of their future crew applicants:

  • Knowledge about general airline operations
  • Knowledge about airline scheduling and background
  • Experience of high speed / high altitude flying
  • Basic knowledge of decision making in airline environment

The result of these operator requests was the APS MCC.
The MCC course was stretched to include some technical knowledge, more practical training and emphasis on airline procedures

Course Duration:

The course is designated as a compact 20 days course (including 4 times 36h crew rest).


5900,- €